In the event that you wish to submit an idea to OMG Fiction for consideration, you will be required to sign an agreement in the following terms, which will take effect from the date upon which OMG Fiction receives your idea.  In order to try and avoid any future misunderstanding, we have found it useful to clarify our position regarding rights and any future relationship that we may have with you.  Accordingly (and before we can proceed any further with our discussions and/or your submission) we require you to agree that your submission and any negotiations between us shall be subject to the following agreement:

Owner of New Idea: Submitted material has to be in written form (this can, of course, be delivered by any means, including e-mail). You give your assurance that you are the sole author of the idea, and that you have the legal rights both to disclose the idea to OMG Fiction, and to reach agreement with OMG Fiction in the event OMG Fiction were to produce and exploit programmes using the idea.

Compensation: If OMG Fiction wishes to use all or any part of your idea which is legally protectable and original to you, we shall negotiate compensation to be paid to you in good faith.  The level of compensation will depend on the circumstances, which may (for example) also take into account any role that you may have on any production (if we think this is appropriate and subject to any required third party approvals).  Any agreement as to compensation will be subject to a written and mutually signed contract.

Confidential Information: You understand that no confidential relationship is entered into by reason of the consideration of your submission to OMG Fiction or by reason of any oral discussions between us. In particular (but without limitation), no element of the idea which is in the public domain shall be considered confidential or proprietary information.

Pre-Existing OMG Fiction Ideas: You understand that OMG Fiction is constantly developing new programme ideas, and an idea which is new to you may be a pre-existing idea under OMG FICTION’s development, or similar or identical ideas may be conceived independently.

Submission Not Returned: OMG Fiction is under no obligation to return any materials submitted by you. Therefore, you should keep a duplicate of any materials submitted.

No OMG Fiction Exclusivity: For the avoidance of doubt, you are not restricted from taking your own idea elsewhere (unless and until a Submission Agreement and/or other contract is signed between OMG Fiction and you).  However you have no authority to use or disclose, without OMG Fiction’s prior written approval, any OMG Fiction material shared with you.

If you still would like to submit an idea to us and agree to the terms above please click here.