Feel Good wins at MIPCOM

15 October 2020

Feel Good wins at MIPCOM

Feel Good has won a MIPCOM Diversity TV Excellence Award for Representation of LGBTQ+ in the Scripted category.

MIPCOM Diversity Awards are dedicated to championing and promoting diversity and inclusion in all its forms across the international television industry.


We're addicted to Feel Good. The series follows recovering addict and comedian Mae, who is trying to control the addictive behaviours and intense romanticism that permeate every facet of her life. Life is further complicated by a new and all-consuming relationship with her new girlfriend George... Feel Good is a deeply personal, darkly hilarious and poignant story about the unique pressures of navigating the modern-day fluid landscape of gender and sexuality.

Read more about the awards here: https://www.mipcom.com/en-gb/conferences-events/diversity-inclusion.html#lgbtq