Launched in 2020 in partnership with Objective Fiction, Tannadice Pictures is Neil Forsyth’s production label. It looks to produce original scripted content created and written by Neil as well as developing projects with emerging writing talent.


Shortly before 7am on Saturday the 26th November 1983, an armed gang burst into the Brink’s-Mat security warehouse near London’s Heathrow Airport. They expected to find a million pounds in foreign currency. To their surprise, they found gold bullion worth £26 million. It was the largest robbery in British history and set off an extraordinary chain of events that spread from London around the world.

THE GOLD launched on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Sunday 12 February 2023 to rave reviews with The Sunday Time calling it "Astonishingly well-realised. Complex, ambitious, gripping."

Radio Times described the series as “An intricately crafted crime drama”, whilst Deadline called it “Razor-sharp”, and The Guardian said it was “Riveting.”

A story of class, greed and personal tragedy in a 1980s London where cheap money, slashed regulation and crumbling establishments created a world full of ambition, possibility and criminality. The Brink’s-Mat robbery and its aftermath changed both policing and crime in Britain forever, helped fuel the London Docklands property boom and impacted countless lives for decades to come.

Written and created by Neil Forsyth the series was directed by Oscar-winning Aneil Karia along with Lawrence Gough and stars Hugh Bonneville, Jack Lowden, Dominic Cooper, Charlotte Spencer, Emun Elliot and Tom Cullen.

Neil Forsyth

Neil’s credits include the award-winning BBC Four Bob Servant series, several of the International Emmy-nominated Sky Urban Myths Playhouses and the Objective Fiction drama Eric, Ernie and Me for BBC Four. Most recently he created, wrote and executive produced the acclaimed, multiple-award winning BBC Scotland drama Guilt and hit BBC drama series The Gold.


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