How to Life

  • 1 season
  • 2017
  • 3 x 5 minutes
How to Life trailer

3-part comedy Blap for Channel 4 which explores what might happen if one egotistical know-it-all turned his bizarre, everyday life-experiences into a series of spontaneous and, some might say, idiotic “How To” lessons. Comedian Ryan Shelton (Rove, The Wrong Girl, Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year) stars as the host and protagonist in How To Life, a fast moving hybrid of narrative, sketch and surrealism that follows Ryan as he turns his unusual, everyday life experiences into even unusualer life lessons (How to Lie, How to French Kiss and How to Escape Boring Conversations).  Joining Ryan Shelton in his surreal world is Hamish Blake as Ryan’s semi-identical twin brother and Gina Riley as his mother/nemesis. Also featuring are Amber Clayton, Georgina Naidu and Pia Miranda.

Packed with gags

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